Fractional CFO Solutions

Most small businesses require financial oversight but cannot yet justify the invest into a full-time CFO. A full-time CFO will cost you between $125,000 and $300,000+, plus benefits, stock options, incentive packages, and more. Engage our experienced industry experts to lead your business through transformation. If you need a short-term or temporary Controller or CFO solution to help your business, leverage our team of CFO consultants who work on weekly or monthly assignments. We provide fractional CFO solutions to help you achieve your most strategic initiatives, including:

  • Leadership: Engage a financial leader to oversee your accounting department and interact with managers on a regular basis.

  • Projects: Bring in expertise to handle technical accounting, forecasting, budgeting, audits, and other acute events.

  • Finance Events: Prepare your business for audit, financing, or acquisition.

  • Venture Capital & Private Equity: Leverage our experience raising capital from VC, PE, corporates, and strategic investors.

  • Banking & Cash Flow: Manage your cash flow, secure additional credit lines, and enhance your relationship with your bank.

  • Recurring Revenue: Add recurring revenue to boost your valuation and generate predictable cash flow.

  • Investor Relations: Generate meaningful reports to report to investors.

  • Experience: Our CFO consultants have top educational and professional backgrounds and can lead your business through any transition.

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