Tax Compliance & Advisory

In today’s online global business environment it is difficult to stay on top of your business taxes. In fact, one source states that the IRS charged Americans over $25B in tax penalties, interest, and late fees for failing to file and pay the proper amount of taxes on time. If you consider state taxes, sales & use taxes, local municipal taxes, and an ever-changing 70,000 page IRS federal tax code library, and it is easy to become one of of the millions of American businesses owners who pay the IRS more than it deserves. We work tirelessly to research the various tax codes for each client to make sure are helping them minimize taxes, plan certain processes around the tax code, and keep the out of trouble

Pinewood’s tax specialties:

  • Sales & use taxes: Evaluate, pay, and file sales tax returns for businesses.

  • eCommerce & Amazon FBA taxes: Navigate tax laws in each state you sell.

  • Estimated tax payments: For corporations and pass-through entities

  • Tax advisory: For entity transfers, acquisitions, stock option plans, etc.

  • Tax return preparation: Business tax return preparation

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