Tax Planning & Preparation

In today’s online global business environment it is difficult to stay on top of your business taxes. In fact, one source states that the IRS charged Americans over $25B in tax penalties, interest, and late fees for failing to file and pay the proper amount of taxes on time. If you consider state taxes, sales & use taxes, local municipal taxes, and an ever-changing 70,000 page IRS federal tax code library, and it is easy to become one of of the millions of American businesses owners who pay the IRS more than it deserves. We work tirelessly to research the various tax codes for each client to make sure are helping them minimize taxes, plan certain processes around the tax code, and keep the out of trouble

Pinewood’s tax specialties:

  • Tax Planning: Together we analyze your business’s growth goals, tax rates, and your personal forecast to find the best ways to minimize taxes. We identify loopholes, deductions, exemptions, and other legal ways to maximize your take-home wealth, and minimize the amount your pay to Uncle Sam.

  • Sales & use taxes: Sales taxes can be difficult to keep up with, especially if you do business with customers in other states. Should you charge sales tax? Do you have nexus? Which rates should you charge? We can help you find the answers to all of these questions to keep you compliant in your customer’s states.

  • Estimated tax payments: If you are running a profitable enterprise you should be filing and paying quarterly estimated income taxes. Avoid penalties and interest by paying the right amount, on time, to the proper authorities. Want to lower your tax burden? Our tax planning solutions can help you do just this.

  • Tax return preparation: We prepare and file income tax returns for corporations and LLCs. There is a difference between tax preparation and tax planning and consulting. If you feel that you should be paying fewer taxes and keeping more cash in your bank account, book a free tax planning consultation today.

  • IRS Tax Resolution: Has the IRS been sending you threatening letters? Do you have a lien, levy, or garnishment on your income or assets from the federal government or state and local authority? Let us help you solve your tax debt problems today.

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