Venture Capital Support For Startups & Growing Companies

Startups and established companies that seek venture capital investment need of professionally designed materials, financial models, and CEO support to help them attract, present to, and close deals with Venture Capital firms. If you have an established and proven model (i.e. you have $10k+/mo. in revenue or you have investors), and you are raising your next round of capital from angel investors or VC, we can help you with temporary and high-energy support to help you get your deal done efficiently and on better terms. Our consultants have prepared financial models for prolific investors and operating companies, negotiated private equity deals, and can help you close your funding deal more quickly. Our Venture Capital support team provides:

CEO Coaching & Deal Structuring

  • Prepare the CEO for the rigors of raising VC

  • Work with legal counsel to craft term sheets and SEC-friendly deal documentation

  • Prepare a list of likely investors

Financial Modeling

  • Operating models

  • Management dashboards & KPIs

  • Waterfall and investors returns analysis

  • Business valuation (409a)

Due Diligence Support

  • Data room creation and management

  • Investor due diligence support

  • Move a deal swiftly towards a close

  • Post-deal investor relations and reporting

*We do NOT solicit investors.