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Minimize Your Taxes & Maximize Your Cash Flow

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Do you think your accountant is actually saving you money when he prepares your tax return?

So do most business owners…

But if we sit and talk for just a few minutes, we might discover you've been OVERPAYING Uncle Sam by $32,535 for the last 5 years…

Think of all the things you could have done with that money instead, like:

  • Max out your 401k or IRA

  • Put it into the stock market

  • Buy another business

  • Boost your children’s college fund, or

  • Take a much-needed vacation…

Instead…Uncle Sam is playing with your hard-earned cash instead…

That's what I see every day.

Here’s how to put a stop to it.

My name is Chad Pavel, I am a CPA based in Stamford, CT, and I may be able to help you save on your business taxes by $12k-$52k this year.

#1 Free Assessment

We discuss your business for 45 minutes to assess your tax savings potential

#2 We Make the plan

We leverage our knowledge of the tax code and court-tested strategies to make your savings plan.

#3 Save and Enjoy

You put your hard-earned money back into your pocket for savings, investment, vacations - Whatever you want!

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I Help Business Owners Save $12,000 - $52,000 Per Year in Taxes and Expenses Through My Strategic Tax Planning and Cash Management Solutions

Chad Pavel, CPA

I want to introduce some concepts that can potentially save you thousands per year on your taxes, improve your net income, and maximize your take-home cash flow.

Simply put, my team and I have dedicated our careers to learning the ins and outs of the various tax codes to help our clients optimize their business structures and minimize their payments to Uncle Sam...permanently.

Did You Know...Not All Accountants, Tax Preparers And CPAs Are Made The Same?

Most accountants simply take your information as-is, plug it into their tax preparation software, and tell you how much you owe the government each year...where’s the value in that?

From time to time, they MAY give you some advice, but then they fail to follow up or help you implement the changes that actually put money back into your pocket.

Most CPAs simply look to the past...not the future, and this hurts your family in the end!

What if you looked into the future to build a tax savings and cash flow strategy that actually suits not only your business but supports your life’s financial goals

Here are a few of the cash-savings strategies that we implement that can literally put thousands back into your bank account every year.

  • Entity Structure: Optimizing your business’s legal entity structure (Save $5-10k)

  • Deductions: Timing your equipment purchases (Save $5-25k)

  • Utilities: Deducting certain utility taxes (Save $5-10k)

  • Loopholes: Using situational tax benefits (Save $5-20k)

  • Real Estate: Optimizing your holdings (Save $5-15k)

  • Retirement Savings: Max out your tax-free retirement plans (Save $5-20k)

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Does Your Current Accountant Sit With You, Every Quarter, To Discuss Any Of These Strategies?

When I started out as a CPA, I knew that I had to bring massive value to my clients to survive in this competitive market, and not just prepare taxes, but consult our clients on how to use the tax code to their advantage so they can maximize their wealth and keep as much as their hard-earned cash as possible.

And by specializing in the tax areas above specifically related to business owners like you, my team and I leverage our expertise to execute these cost savings efficiently, legally, and ethically.

And it is our big and bold mission to save our clients over $1 billion by the time we leave this earth.

If I can help you cut your taxes and expenses by $12k-52k for the rest of your time in business, would you take me up on a conversation? Turn the page to learn how...

I Would Like To Invite You To A Free Tax Strategy Session (Usually $500) To Discuss The Opportunity To Save You On Your Taxes & Business Expenses...Forever

In just a 45 minute telephone conversation we can assess how much you’ve been overpaying (for years), how much you can save, and make a plan to implement these strategies for good.

“But Wait, I Already Have an Accountant”

While I realize that you may have a trusted tax professional already, I find it never hurts to get a “second opinion” to see if a new provider can offer a fresh perspective and put cash back in your pocket. People get second opinions for medical treatment all the time, after all...

Plus, if after our conversation we can’t find enough meaningful savings for us to work together, we each part as friends and move on with our days: Not everyone is a perfect fit

“Can We Wait Until Next Year?”

Unfortunately, no. In order to take advantage of 2019 tax savings you must implement tax savings strategies before the end of 2019, otherwise, you will overpay for yet another year.

With The End Of The Year Quickly Approaching, Our Time Is Limited To Just A Few Weeks To Help You, So Act Now If You Want To Save!

Book a call by clicking the button below or above now!

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to speaking with you.


Chad C. Pavel, CPA

Is This You?

  • You KNOW you are overpaying the IRS

  • You DO NOT know your year to date profits

  • Your accountant only calls you around tax time

  • You KNOW you need to save more money


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