Three Cloud Accounting Apps to Streamline Your Finances

As you start or grow your business you will soon be looking for ways to streamline, automate, and add quality controls to your daily finance workflow.

Trust us, the tedious tasks of expense recording, reimbursements, paying bills, running payroll, and digitizing paper receipts and bills will soon become a headache and a waste of your time as the business owner.

As a full service bookkeeping, accounting, and CFO firm we have developed many systems to save both our staff and our clients time and money while adding quality to their businesses.

With cloud-based accounting software and add-on cloud apps you can connect numerous systems through the cloud and automate many processes that used to be manual.

Here are our three favorite cloud-based accounting apps.

#1 T-Sheets: Time Tracking Software

T-Sheets is a product from the makers of Quickbooks (Intuit), and offers cloud-based time tracking software for businesses with hourly staff or consultants.

T Sheets Software 1.png

We use T-sheets ourselves for time tracking and find that our clients in construction, consulting, home services, and professional services also like the app for its ease of use, GPS navigation and geotagging, and integration into billing systems.

If you require your staff and consultants to track their time, T-Sheets can be a good fit for you.

#2 Bill Payment Software

Paying your bills the old way requires manual step by step processes and duplicate and manual data entry.  You have to take the paper invoice out of the envelope, scan it, upload it, create the bill in Quickbooks, mark it as paid, and write a paper check or submit to your bank’s bill pay function to get the check out the door. makes all of this MUCH much simpler.

With, you can email forward your bills to be paid to your secure inbox where you can then code, store, and submit payment for approval by your business partner, CFO, or CEO. will send paper checks or eChecks automatically for you and draw the money from your account.

literally, saves us hours per week across all of our clients.

#3 Expensify for Employee Expense Reimbursement

Employee reimbursement processes can also be demanding and time consuming. If you don’t have a reimbursement policy setup, Expensify can save you tons of time.

Expensify Software.png

Employees scan pictures of their receipts or invoices and submit them to the app, then code the expenses to the proper account where you can approve and submit a payment to send back to the employees, making them whole.

The process has built in controls to make your life easier and prevent any rogue employees from abusing the system.


Cloud-based accounting apps can save you lots of time and make your employees lives much easier.

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