Should You Outsource Your Business Accounting? What Are Your Next Steps?

Your business or nonprofit requires accounting oversight, financial leadership, and operational excellence to grow and continue to make profitable decisions.

Especially if you don’t have a complex structure or you aren’t large enough to hire a full-time accounting manager or CFO, outsourcing your CFO, controller and bookkeeping is a great way to reduce your costs and retain a professional 24x7 to help you guide you along the way.

Other reasons for outsourcing your accounting include:

  • You have a need for periodic accounting work but don’t have the budget for a 6-figure salary

  • Your business is very seasonal and slows down for months at a time

  • You need accounting support, but not every single day

  • You are raising funds, acquiring a company, or planning to sell your company

  • You need subject matter expertise

  • You are undergoing your first audit from your CPA firm or the IRS

  • Your CPA firm or other auditor is requesting reports that your staff don’t know how to generate

  • You don’t know how to interview to hire a full-time CPA or accounting professional

  • You know you have to make difficult and data-driven decisions to invest, cut costs, or restructure your company, but you don’t know where to start

  • You are investing in a complex or one-time project and don’t need to hire full time to get the project completed

Whether you plan to raise funds, restructure your business, acquire a company, or you simply need bookkeeping help, turn to Pinewood to find a resource to help you get your finances in perfect order and execute on your strategic goals.