Bookkeeping & Back Office Support

We hire bookkeepers and accountants who are certified in Quickbooks, Xero, NetSuite, various payroll systems, tax authorities, and much more. Our hourly and fixed-fee financial solutions take the painful & routine back office tasks off your plate, so you can grow a bigger and more profitable business without the cost of full-time finance staff.

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Record sales transactions: Record cash and credit sales in-store, online, in real time, in batches, each day, week, month, quarter and year.

Manage cash: Receive, deposit, and record flows of cash including, checks, credit cards, PayPal, ACH, wire, Shopify, EDI, and manage accounts receivable while calling customers to pay their invoices.

Reconcile accounts: Compare bank, credit cards, sales ledgers, expense reports and dozens more between your books and your bank accounts, third party providers, credit card companies, and receipts.

Store documents: Maintain years of document history for compliance, audits, and taxes including receipts, reconciliations, expense reports, regulatory filings, and more.

Pay bills: Create purchase orders, order supplies for clients and the office, pay all your vendors, manage accounts payable and balance payables, receivables, and cash on hand to make sure you have the working capital you need to run your business.

Run payroll: Collect time sheets, enter data into your HR system like ADP, pay employees, collect and remit payroll taxes, add and remove new staff, and stay compliant with staff records and state filings and annual W2 distribution.

Record accruals: Accrual accounting (GAAP) matches revenue and expenses with time periods and consumption and requires a deep knowledge of your industry, unique business processes, and tax and accounting laws to guide you in the right direction.

Pay taxes and maintain compliance: All businesses pay some form of taxes and must maintain accurate bookkeeping to calculate them. Examples include paying sales taxes, franchise taxes, state and local taxes, and other industry specific fees and tariffs.

Create reports for management: Business owners need to be updated regularly on cash flow, budgets and forecasts, and customer issues in order to make informed decisions to grow the business each month. Creating the right reports for each business requires knowledge and experience.