3 Cloud Apps To Automate Your Business Finances

Everyone could use a little more time in their day. That’s where automating processes can make a huge difference in your business.

Your company’s finances might just be the most important function you have to manage. Handing it over to just anyone could feel nerve-wracking. With cloud-based applications, you can enable workflows and presets that automate your day-to-day work to create efficiencies.

NetSuite accounting system

NetSuite is an Oracle product that integrates your many business functions using one powerful tool. The financial management portion of NetSuite enables you to manage both the day-to-day financial transactions of your business alongside the financial performance dashboards and aggregate data to watch for trends. 

The beauty of NetSuite is that it integrates with the product’s order management, inventory, ecommerce and CRM functions. This robust integration enables you to seamlessly go from the operations side of your business to the sales and customer relations portion all in one tool.  

Using the NetSuite mobile app, you can track your finances from anywhere at any time, which enables you to be more agile.

TSheets time tracking and job costing

A key aspect of managing your company’s finances, is managing your employees and their wages. TSheets is a QuickBooks product, meaning if you use other functions of QuickBooks this is an ideal tool to enhance your finance management.

TSheets is an employee time tracking system that gives you a clearer picture of payroll each month. It allows you to have a better grasp on job costing and provide seamless invoices when needed. Another great part about TSheets is that it integrates with ADP so that you can automate your payroll distributions to your hourly workers.

Management will enjoy the time saving that TSheets provides. And with a mobile application that employees can access from anywhere, your staff will enjoy TSheets as well.

Bill.com AP management and bill pay
Invoicing can be exhausting and a real time suck each month. Your time is better spent elsewhere, which means automation is your best friend. Bill.com enables you to pay bills, send invoices and receive bill payment all through the cloud-based application.

Bill.com integrates with QuickBooks and NetSuite so that you can automate your full financial management operations. For international businesses, Bill.com is also great because it enables you to make international bill payments while maintaining control and visibility of your money in and out.

The system has options for how you make payments as well. You can choose between ACH payments and mailed paper checks to meet the needs of your various stakeholders. 

Maintaining control in automated finances

The term automation can strike fear in a finance manager who wants to have a strong understanding of money coming in and going out. Automating those functions using cloud-based applications does not make a financial manager obsolete or remove control of finance management.

With automation, financial professionals can spend more time reporting and advising management on next steps to grow the business and less time invoicing, billing and tracking day-to-day finances.