Rates & Fees

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Pinewood Consulting, LLC is an accounting, tax, and advisory firm serving business owners around North America

We wrote this guide to help you understand our approach to business, pricing, and value.

Our Approach To Client Service: We are only as good as the results we help our clients to achieve. And you, the client, must help us define the desired results that you, your business, and your family need to achieve. Whether you are just starting up, acquiring a business, or planning your exit, the universal concept of client service to us is the same: Deliver consistent value. We strive to deliver value in both financial and non-financial forms, including savings, compliance, peace of mind, efficiency, transformation, growth, customer satisfaction, and of course, wealth.

Our Approach To Accounting: We define our services in several bullet point tiers below. Some clients need strictly-bookkeeping (cash-basis only: no taxes, no advice, no accruals, etc.) which is fine with us! For growing companies with complex needs, each client typically has an accountant and a CPA overseeing journal entries, monthly reports, and reconciliations. A smaller portion of clients require a Controller or CFO-level resource to offer guidance on complex accounting issues and tax services.

Our Approach To Pricing: We believe that long and meaningful business relationships come with the exchange of value - not simply time spent or billable hours. In fact we prefer not to bill solely by the hour but rather based on value. As such, we price most of our engagements as a hybrid agreement consisting of:

  1. Scheduled financial execution, and

  2. Value pricing based on a client defined metric (% of revenue, profits, or savings)

Pricing Guidance

Under this model, our small business outsourced accounting engagements range from $1,000-$3,000/mo for bookkeeping, taxes, and 1x monthly reviews while VC-backed companies typically require a more robust engagement in the $4-6k/mo+ range and up. Some clients require a senior team with HR, finance, and investor relations support, which we typically price at 60%-80% of a full time salary. This pricing model aligns with clients so they are not worried about surprise invoices each month, and, this model grows our compensation with the results of our work that the client enjoys (e.g. increases in sales, headcount, and profits). We look for win-wins with every client. Click here to download bookkeeping & pricing guidance.

Example Engagement #1

  • Growing $100k/mo. eComm company requires monthly bookkeeping (QBO), sales tax admin, annual tax returns (IRS, 2 states).

  • Monthly bookkeeping & sales taxes ($1,500/mo.)

  • CFO to advise on cap raise ($4k/mo.x 3 months)

  • Annual tax returns ($3,000)

Example Engagement #2

  • 2018 startup, now a $200k/mo. consultancy requires bi-weekly books, quarterly est. tax payments, tax return, AP & bill pay, accrual-basis monthly financial reporting package.

  • Started at $500/mo and now around $2,500/mo. Very efficient business and we automated much of their invoicing process, saving 3-5 hours per week.

  • Once they raise VC they will need much more support and will be in the $6-8k/mo range as they grow headcount and need a near full-time team.

Example Engagement #3

  • Growing IT services firm needs monthly close, accruals, detailed financial reports each month for CEO, plus CFO time to advise and improve service with in-house finance team.

  • $3-4,000/mo. For virtual controller services and systems consulting.


Most engagements start on an hourly basis and transition to monthly agreement within 90 days that adjusts with a pre-defined value metric (% growth in sales, profits, or savings). Below are summary examples of what you can expect to pay for full-service bookkeeping, accounting, payroll support, and tax compliance.

  • Bootstrapped Startup: $500-$1,500/mo.

  • Funded/Growing Company: $1,000-$3,000/mo.

  • Mature / Hyper Growth Company: $2,500-$5,000/mo.+

  • Hourly Rates: Our effective rates are under the “big firms” due to our monthly and value-based pricing.

Remember to compare this to full time salaries AND the service you get with an outsourced team (24x7x365). Click here for our pricing study.