Investor Presentations & Business Plans

When you prepare to pitch to angel investors or venture capital firms, the first materials your potential investors will see include a 1-2 page teaser, executive summary, and investor pitch deck. We have designed dozens of presentations that have helped our clients successfully pitch their big idea to accelerators, angel investors, venture capital, and private equity firms.

Investor Teaser

An investment teaser is a professional document used to introduce an investment or acquisition opportunity to buyers and investors.

After reading your teaser, investors should have a clear understanding of your company. The teaser must include descriptions of: How your company generates revenue, product revenue mix, customer and sales channels, distribution, management backgrounds, financial performance, and 4-7 “Investment Highlights” that discuss the unique strengths of your company.

Operating Model & Financial Statements

We work with you to prepare detailed monthly + annual financial statements to forecast startup costs, acquisitions, buildout and construction costs, operating expenses, and investor returns. Present your business in a logical model that investors and banks can easily understand and evaluate.

Financial Statemement Preparation.png

Investor Pitch Decks & Prensetations

Our consultants create a compelling presentation and business plan with financials, an operation plan, investor-friendly metrics, returns analysis, and valuation.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 10.23.06 PM.png
  • Debt service coverage (for banks)

  • Exit scenario (for investors)

  • Custom design, coloring, and branding

  • 5-day turnaround available

  • Executive summary

  • Market research

  • Financial projections

  • Sources and uses of capital

Valuation & Investor Returns

Show investors how their investment grows over time as you bring on more investors and grow cash flows.

Investor Returns & Valuation.png

Investor Reporting Packages

Each month, quarter, or year you will likely deliver financial and operating metrics to your investors and lenders. We help you prepare insightful packages from your accounting and operating metrics to properly and accurately present your performance each period.