We Help MSPs, IT Consultants, and CyberSecurity Firms Improve Margins, Unlock Value, and Acquire Growth

You Focus on Technology. Let Us Bring You Accurate Financials and Growth-Minded Insights

We have experience working with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to help them unlock value, increase cash flow, and grow their firms with more stability and predictability.

Each MSP client benefits from our unique process, which includes:

MSP Controller & CFO Services

Whether you need a CPA to oversee your in-house finance department to provide timely reporting, mentorship, and process improvement, or an interim CFO to assist with KPI development, management transition, acquisitions, or financing events, we can help.

  • MSP business valuation

  • Acquiring other MSP businesses

  • Preparing you sell your MSP

  • Working with private equity investors

  • Bank loan applications and refinancing

MSP Chart of Accounts

Your accounting system’s chart of accounts is not just for your CPA during tax time, it’s an invaluable tool that exposes your business’s true performance month after month.

With a proper MSP-built chart of accounts, we calculate critical KPIs in real time, including services gross margin, monthly growth, employee leverage, agreement efficiency, and more.

MSP Bookkeeping & Reporting

Having trouble closing the books each month? We will train your bookkeeper, or deploy ours onto your account, to help you build weekly check-ins, Q&A, and month-end reporting that brings your books to a close, and your KPIs to your desk, on time, each month.

Pinewood can handle your finance back office, including bill pay, payroll processing, sales taxes, journal entries, and working with your CPA during tax time.

MSP Acquisition Consulting

If you’ve been considering acquiring another MSP to grow your firm or move into a new business or market, acquiring another MSP could be a great option for you.