Commercial & SBA Loan Preparation

Most established and profitable businesses do not need or desire equity investors to continue their growth, yet still need capital to expand. In these cases, commercial loans, including SBA loans, can be extremely efficient capital sources to refinance existing debt and fuel expansion, acquisitions, real estate transactions, and working capital needs.

With our experience and connections with both local and national banks, Pinewood helps established companies prepare their financials, business plans, and loan applications to obtain financing from the right commercial sources.

SBA Requirements

  • 680+ credit score and clean financial history

  • 2+ years in business

  • $100K+ in annual sales

  • Collateral (real estate, equipment, financial assets)

  • Detailed use of capital (project plan, estimates, financial forecast, etc.)

  • Historical and projected financials

If you are exploring a traditional or SBA loan to acquire or expand your business or franchise, contact us below to discuss your options, interest rates, and requirements.