About Us

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Before I became a business owner, I worked for a Big 4 public accounting firm, a small investment bank, and at a venture capital-backed technology company that was acquired in 2017 for over $1 billion.

In these roles I developed internal controls for Fortune 500 companies, helped over 10 entrepreneurs sell their businesses for life-changing amounts of money, and had the privilege of helping a technology firm develop the sales revenues that took it from a scrappy, young startup into a global cybersecurity powerhouse in a few short years.

As I outgrew my cubicle for the last time, I formed Pinewood Consulting, LLC to take what I learned and provide the financial and strategic advisory to entrepreneurs who desire breakout growth but find that their CPA firms are too “old-school” and their investment bankers and consultants are too “Wall Street” to understand them.

I understand that growing a business is one of the most difficult challenges an entrepreneur will ever face. Many times I have had to put my business ideas to rest for another day. Other times I have invested precious capital into a project that did not work out and I had to shut it down. It is very likely that you will face a number of operational and economic challenges in your years of owning a business. But with the right plan and advice, you will prevail and achieve extraordinary success.

And that’s where we help. Pinewood helps entrepreneurs like you develop the financial strategies, utilize technology, and consistently execute on your plan to achieve your desired outcome. After helping entrepreneurs successfully start and sell companies for over a decade we have identified many fundamental patterns that lead to success. And we bring these to each client.

From our first conversation, you will be pleasantly surprised at how a deeper financial understanding of your business can open you up to tremendous growth and less stress. Whether you are just starting out or you seek to transition your business into retirement, we will be here to help you plan a course of action to help you hit your business goals.

Please take a look around our website, and directly contact me if you have any questions about how to start, scale, or sell your business.

Chad C. Pavel, CPA

Managing Partner
Pinewood Consulting, LLC